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Feb 6, 2012

Procrastinating on Monsters

I am sure everyone does this. You have an amazing project that you love. You suddenly find yourself busy with other amazing, but not as amazing as the other project, projects. Your amazing project (that you love) gets pushed to the back burner, and suddenly is the hardest thing in the world to finish. You become sad that your amazing project is not done. Suddenly nothing can be finished before your amazing (yet sad and neglected that you love) project. I have hit that point.

She will be finished before the end of the week. She is now my priority. I have thrown out the owl monster doll that I started. I frogged the snot out of that doll. Owls are only cool as... well, owls.

What is the hold up? There is always the usual housework and children, but also the doll part is done. The fun part (for me) is over. I have the work part left. I have the hide the mirror which still needs to be affixed to the un-sanded, un-painted, un-everything base part left. Golly gee, I really am not excited about this last part. I want to skip ahead to the I'm finished and she's awesome part.

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  1. I love fun projects and I'm always jumping back and forth! Your monsters are very cute...I mean scary! heehee! ♥

    1. Thanks. I always say I have the attention span of a 4 year old!


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