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Nov 5, 2010

Turkey Crochet Pattern... for Free!

I am thankful for all of the people who bother to check in on Knot By Gran'ma all over the web.  This is my Thanksgiving gift to all of you.  Thanks!

Gobble, Gobble Turkey

Skill Level: Easy

Materials Needed:
Size F crochet hook
Worsted weight yarn in turkey colors
2 Safety eyes (9mm) or black yarn for eyeballs...
Ribbon if you are going to turn your turkey into an ornament

Special Stitches: decreased single crochet ( - insert hook through st, yo, pull loop through st, insert hook through next st, yo, pull loop through st, yo, pull top loop through remaining loops on hook.

Feathers (make 4):
- ch 4, sl st 1st st to form a loop
- 8 sc into the loop - 8 sc
- sc each st around - 8 sc
- repeat last row 8 times - 8 sc
- fasten off

- (with yellow) ch 4, sl st 1st st to form a loop
- 8 sc into loop, changing colors to brown on last yo of 8th st, fasten off yellow - 8 sc

- (now in brown) sc each st around - 8 sc
- repeat last row 6 times - 8 sc
- add safety eyes to sides of head
- 2 sc into each st around - 16 sc
- sc each st around - 16 sc
- 2 sc into each st around - 32 sc
- sc each st around, ch 1 tn - 32 sc


- sc each st across row, ch 1, tn - 32 sc
- repeat last row 2 more times - 32 sc
- sc 1st 8 sts, (sc next 4 sts going through both the body sts, and the front 4 sts of feather), repeat 3 times with each remaining feather, sc last 8 sts, ch 1, tn - 32 sc

Your turkey should look like this right now.

- sc 1st 8 sts, (working in the remaining sts on the feathers only (4 sts per feather), sc next 16 sts), sc last 8 sts, ch 1, tn - 32 sc

- sc 1st 12 sts, (sc the next st including the matching st from 2 rows back, sc next 3 sts), repeat 2 more times, sc last 8 sts, ch 1, tn - 32 sc

That last row closes the gaps between the feathers...

- 1st 2 sts tog., sc next 2 sts, ( next 2 sts tog., sc next 2 sts), repeat 6 times, ch 1, tn - 24 sc
- 1st 2 sts tog., ( next 2 sts tog.), repeat 10 (4, 1) more times, ch 1, tn - 12 (6, 3) sc
- repeat last row using the numbers in parenthesis
- fold turkey in half so that bottom slit is lined up, going through front and back of slit sc 6 evenly across slit closing it up, color change to yellow on last yo of 6th st, stuff turkey (hahahahahaha!), sc 5 evenly across remainder of slit so that turkey is closed, ch, tn - 11 sc

- sc 5 into 1st st, skip next st, sl st next st, skip next st, sc 5 into last st - 10 sc
- fasten off

- (with red) ch 6, tn
- 3 sc into 1st ch, skip next ch, sl st next ch, skip next ch, 5 sc into last ch - 6 sc
- fasten off and sew onto your turkey's head

Turkey Gobbler:
- (with red) ch 4, tn
- 3 sc into 1st ch, sl st next 2 sts - 3 sc
- fasten off and sew onto your turkey's head

You can either just love your little turkey or fasten a ribbon to him, so he can be displayed...

I decked my guy out with Knot By Gran'ma eyes...

ch – chain
sc – single crochet
sl st - slip stitch
st(s) – stitch(es) – decreased single crochet
tog – together

Since it's Fiber Arts Friday, head on over to Wisdom Begins In Wonder to see other amazing fiber arts posts. You will probably learn something new too!


Copyright 2010 Knot By Gran'ma.  Please do not repost it elsewhere on the web. You can make this turkey to use for commercial use. It would be swell if you credited Knot By Gran'ma for the design. 

If you'd like to purchase an already made turkey... please see my shop.


  1. O.M.G!

    What a great tutorial! I love you <3 hehe

  2. I really need to crochet now. I LOVE that turkey! Thank you for sharing this pattern. Now to hunt down someone to crochet for sister crochets and owes me.

  3. That's Awesome!! He's so going on my to do list. :-D

  4. @WonderWhyGal - Get your sister to crocheting!

    Seriously this pattern works up so quickly!

  5. Your turkey is so darn cute! Guess I better start planning something for Thanksgiving...


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