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Nov 4, 2010

Local (and Now Non-Local) Artists & Hosts Wanted

I have edited this....  I am now looking for any artists.  If you are not local, but willing to ship some stuff, please contact me too.  Writing up contracts as we speak.

I am looking for a few local artists that are interested in doing holiday open house shows in December.  I'm looking for jewelry makers, potters, spinners, clothing people, fine artists etc...

It would be nice to do as many shows as possible, but really I just need folks to sign on for at least one show.  These shows are basically pretty easy.  You'd treat them as if you were doing a craft show, just with less space (at least in my house...).  The shows would be open house style... the hours depend on what day of the week these things go down, honestly.  I guess you could break the weekend down to something like 12-4 pm and then if we had interest for weeknights, it could be something like 4-8...  It all really depends on the interest.

That being said, I also need people that would want to host a holiday open house show at their house.  I'm 99% sure I'd like to hold one here at my house (just need to run it past Hubs and get rid of them for 4 hours).  That would be one day on a weekend.  You'd just need to provide an area that a few (maybe 3 at a clip) vendors could put their stuff out.  Maybe some nice music and appetizers...  You'd be compensated with percentages off to be a hostess, btw... and we could also do some raffles.  Then you just invite as many people as you can (I"ll provide post cards and promotional stuff), and ask them all to bring a friend along.  They don't have to stay for a talk or anything... just show up during the open house times and shop.

If you are in the HUDSON VALLEY area of New York, and think this is something that would appeal to you... either as a vendor or a hostess, please get in touch with me ASAP!!! knotbygranma (at) gmail (dot) com with HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE in the subject.  This could all be a nice way to get some gift shopping out of the way and to make some extra cash.

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  1. What a great idea! Wish I were near by! (I'm in VA) I'll keep this in mind!


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