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Jan 29, 2009

CPSIA News For Art Doll Artists\

I've highlighted the important bits. Granted nothing is in stone, but I've been wondering about this for a while. Here's the original post from the thread:


"threeredtrees says:
(Sorry for the all caps, but I need you guys to hear this!)

Ok, art doll people, artist bear makers, plush art makers, etc, you can ALL breathe a sigh of relief.

This is information I just received, DIRECTLY FROM THE CPSC.

We are going to be OK! I have been pushing for answers from the CPSC about plush art/art dolls/etc and the CPSIA for a couple of weeks now and just got off the phone with an agent at the commission.

She told me that if an item, be it plush, a doll, a cute collectible, is intended by the creator for adult collectors and you have information stating that on your item and in your marketing, YOU ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS LAW.

Did you read that?


The manufacturer CAN determine if their product is or is not for children. If you say it is NOT FOR CHILDREN 12 AND UNDER, then the CPSC will respect that and not require lead testing.

She did say that this wouldn't work on things that are CLEARLY intended primarily for children, like bibs or binkies, but in terms of dolls and other cute and whimsical collectibles, YOU as the manufacturer can determine its audience. There have been a lot of forum posts from certain individuals on etsy stating that "anything that could possibly appeal to a child is included"--that is NOT the case. When I told this to the agent, she laughed and said that if that was true, they would have to police every single product in the country.

ALSO... good news for antique toy sellers and collectors:
ANTIQUE TOYS ARE ALSO NOT INCLUDED IN THIS LAW. They are not perceived by the CPSC to be intended for children, even though at one point in time they were. The value of these items is derived from keeping them pristine, and not giving them to little ones to play with. They are generally fragile and are not sold as toys for children.

PLEASE pass this along to an many artists as you can--especially those who are considering discontinuing their plush art or art dolls. I will be sending this info to Matt (admin) directly, along with the name of the individual I spoke with, so he can confirm if necessary and help get the word out.

Let's keep up the fight for makers of children's items--they still need our voices and our help!"

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