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Apr 20, 2012

A Storm of Baby Hats

I'm in the midst making 3 hats. The hard part was figuring out a pattern for the actual hat. I'm just about done with this one... I have to add 7-12 more single crochet rows, and call it a day.

crocheted baby hat wip 6-12 months
6-12 month crocheted baby hat wip

The nicest part about making 3 hats from a new pattern, is I get to be my own tester! The game plan was to have this finished for tomorrow, but... well between the Dr. Destructo madness, the garden, and Kiddo coming home with pink eye (and rushing him to the doctor last night, so by Saturday he will have the drops in his system for 24 hours, and can play his first baseball game)... it is not going to happen. Ahh life. She happens.

Back to the hat. I figured I would try to size it for 6-12 months. I found this handy dandy sizing chart over at Knit Picks... check it out. There were also some hats laying around from Dr. Destructo that fit the bill. We're sticking with the sizing. 

So that's about it. I have some sprouts coming up both in the garden and the greenhouse. Apparently there's a Nor'easter coming this weekend, so the babies outside have to be covered. I don't want them to be flooded away.

radish garden sprouts
radish babies
roma tomato garden sprout
roma tomato baby
It's Fiber Arts Friday again, so head on over to Wisdom Begins in Wonder to see what everyone else is up to!


  1. I love your bright hat (and the two other colors that are 'hats in waiting'!! I hope your garden thrives this year, with all of your TLC!!

    1. Me too! We have grand plans for lots and lots of canning and dehydrating.

  2. Hooray for gardens! I need to get started on mine. It will be the first year in many that I've had one. Your hat is great. Being your own tester must be hard sometimes since you don't have the feedback from someone else reviewing your pattern?

    1. If it were a complicated pattern, I'd make sure. This one has sc, and dc... that's it. Should be okay.

      It seems like we're finally getting the hang of this garden thing and only after years of doing it!

  3. I have the Black Thumbs of Death and do not garden, but I always wish I did this time of year. Good luck on yours!

  4. Oh, I like that hat!!

    Yay for your garden babies! I haven't gotten mine planted yet... will be a few weeks before I have time now, but I think it's safe to plant now. :-)

    And thanks for the knit pics chart... has been bookmarked. :-)


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