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Apr 5, 2013

Practicing No

I am bringing this up, because I will not finish the to-do items on my list today. I gave myself the job of inputting the remaining applications for the upcoming fine arts and craft fair that I am organizing. I want to be finished for tomorrow. I had tweeted about wanting to blog, read some blogs, and maybe even crochet afterwards. That is my "job" after all. It's also beautiful out, the greenhouse plants can be watered, and there's that pile of dishes which is now probably growing something... I really should wash them. Gag. My window of time is closing in, and before I know it, I'll be running to get dinner, Kiddo to baseball practice, and then maybe, if no one is melting, we'll hit the school carnival. We will come home exhausted.

Crochet is my work by Knot By Gran'ma
Crochet is my "work"
I am learning to say no. Over the years, you either burn out or learn that magic word. We are only human beings (not beans... more funny doll ideas), and can't be expected (by ourselves or others) to run 20 hours out of the day to finish all of the tasks. It's not possible. Crashing always follows that sort of trying. Crashing is bad.

Learn how to say no. A lot. Do it. Learn how to say no to yourself. I'm the worst person to dole out that advice, but I'm being mindful of my capabilities. Learn how to say no to others. Most people would rather the honestly, rather than having to drag your butt through whatever it is anyway.

I'm leaving you with this funny picture of my cat and dog. They are quite the pair. If you need a better fiber fix, head on over to Wisdom Begins in Wonder.

What are they looking at?
what are they looking at?


  1. what are you crocheting in that picture. It is very pretty and interesting.

    1. Thank you. It was a skirt for my doll, Crash It Kim. You can see it finished in this blog post:

      I love that picture for some reason. :)

  2. I had to learn to say no once upon a time. With two small kids, always doing was making me worthless. Now that I have more time I think I should do more, but that period in my life comes to mind and I realize, I don't have to say yes just because I could say yes. I can choose what I want to be involved with and leave the rest. Good reminder.

  3. Practicing no is difficult. Good luck with organizing your craft fair.

  4. Your crochet is beautiful. That's an interesting combination of fibers too. I love the pet pics. Pugs are so awesome!

  5. I think you had that window built so the creatures can look out :-) Love that pug butt shot!

  6. I know what you mean about saying no - it's taken me a long time, and lots of heartache, to reconcile the right to say no. Scary, but also kind of empowering...


    PS - Your cat and dog remind me of Milo and Otis, which my hubs and I were just discussing this weekend! :)

  7. Your project is going to be beautiful. I love crocheted edging. The cat and dog pic is too precious. I love when our dogs have to look out the window. I know all about learning to say no. It's a tough one but a lesson we all have to learn.

  8. And now I know where the cat and pug butts inspiration came from. lol.

    Good luck with No. It's a challenging one for sure. :-)

  9. That's seriously one of our favorite movies in this house. Those 2 only hang out by the window though.


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