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Jul 5, 2010

Advertise Yourself with Knot By Gran'ma

There are now 2 ways to advertise with Knot By Gran'ma on the Knot By Gran'ma blog.

Sidebar Ads:

$3.00 for 7 days
$5.00 for 14 days

Your ad 125 X 125

Maximum of 5 advertisers on a given week.

Etsy Mini ads (run at the bottom of each blog post):

$2.00 for 7 days
$5.00 for 14 days

Your Etsy mini with 1 row and 4 columns

Maximum of 4 advertisers on a given week.

Ads start running on Mondays and end 7 or 14 days from that particular date. You will receive a list of available dates for your ad to run once you decide on the type of ad you would like to purchase. All advertising payments will be made through PayPal. You will receive an invoice. All ads are due on the Friday before your chosen date. If your ad is not received in time, you will be refunded or able to choose a new date for your ad. Contact Knot By Gran'ma to start...

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