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Sep 27, 2010

A Wedding, An Engagement, Socks, and a Mohawk

I had a busy weekend.  I mean the busiest weekend I've had in a long time.  Apparently I can't party like I used to.  I'm whooped and a little cranky.  In hindsight though... that's probably a good thing.  I would imagine that motherhood, business running, and just the general grind can be a little difficult if you're a party animal.

My BFF of almost 20 years (Holy crap! That's a long time!) got married on Friday night.  I got to be in the wedding, and we had a blast.  All except for the shoes...  People (like me) with uber wide feet should not buy skinny feet shoes.  You will regret it about an hour into your shoe wearing experience.  So that was that.  Here I am talking to Hubs as he shoots a picture of me... from my phone.  Yeah I didn't bring a camera.  So shoot me.  Take my word for it, the rest of me was very pretty too.  He just wanted to capture my head apparently.  Whatever.  It's my new Facebook profile picture too. 

Amongst all of this I decided that the weekends are mine to crochet or knit for myself... which I don't do, because I'm always working on something for Knot By Gran'ma.  So I'm gonna switch things up and try that.  This weekend I decided to try and tackle the ever awesome (but really scary to this crocheter) sock knitting.  I went out and bought yarn and double pointed needles (dpn's in the knitter street slang...).  This is as far as I got.  Knitting socks is going to take a few weekends to get the hang of.  I'm gonna stick with it though, as that was the entire motivation to learn how to knit.  I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEED hand knit socks.

Right.  So Saturday me and Hubs spent the day and evening out celebrating our dear friends' engagement and then PART-AY-ing at the bar.  It was the 10 year anniversary of our favorite pub, Southside (Mahopac), so we were there.  I got through a whole drink ('cause I'm a cheap date like that), played pool, chatted, and got to hear a very good (although one notch too loud) band, Twisted. It was awesome and I was so very tired the next day.

I didn't do a damn thing Sunday except go out to breakfast with Hubs and pick up the kiddos from Grandma's... and curse at the socks that I am trying to learn how to knit.

I will be finishing up this hat this week.  It's been taking longer than anticipated because I want to crochet each strand of hair for the mohawk on a slip stitch set of 27 rows.  Yeah.  I'm a psycho.  The hat is this so far though.  The ears need to be sewn on, and then just the mohawk part.  That will be green.  The pattern will be available as well as the hat made to order.  Piercings will be optional.

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  1. Cursing at the socks doesn't actually help any but it always makes you feel better.


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