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Oct 22, 2010

Fiber Goodness From This Week

I am happy to report that I have completed everything on my list of Knot By Gran'ma stuff to make this week.  That's huge, as it's probably the first time ever that this has happened.  I can be a slacker some of the time... This is a little known fact about me, btw...  Either way, I am pooped.  I'm gonna pack up this hat, start on a doll, and then call it a week. 

I've been working on another mohawk hat for a custom order and that's finally finished.  I say finally, but it didn't take long to actually make.  I kept popping it in between all of the other work that was being crocheted.

I wanted to see how my fishy fish would look as an ornament also this week.  I love him.  Crochet thread, albeit difficult to get into a rhythm with, makes me so very happy once whatever it is is finished.

I was also curious to see how one of my monsters would look as an ornament made out of thread.  If you said fliipin' cute, then you are right.  I think I'll name him Booger and keep him as a little mascot.  I have stuffing issues that I have to work out before I can offer a similarly adorable monster to you all.

This monster is the 3rd one I finished this week.  Her name is Candy Alala Monster.  She and the other two monsters will each be added to one of the online shops that I currently am trying to run... like a lunatic.  I'm not feeling so happy with 2 of them at the moment, but I said I'd give them 3 months -ish or until Christmas passes.  We'll see.

It's time for some more Fiber Arts Friday!  Head on over to Wisdom Begins In Wonder for more posts regarding all things fibery.  They're all usually really interesting!!!


Have a great weekend all!  I will happily be working on some sock knitting.


  1. I really, really, REALLY love your little monsters!!!


  2. Thank you. I really love making them.

  3. The fish is so cute! Your work is so fun looking.

  4. I love your use of color. Your creations are so humourous!.

  5. I just noticed your mohawk hats have ears!!!

  6. That's it! Before Christmas I will be purchasing some of your monsters for my little monsters.

    Love the fishies.

  7. Candy is adorable and your Fishy Fish is the perfect color. It's always a treat to stop in at your blog and see what you've been up to.

  8. Your creations have so much personality, they're really cute and fun!

  9. I love Booger and Candy! You have the best imagination!!! :D

  10. Adoring the Mohawk hat! How creative!


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