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Nov 1, 2010

Halloween Recap... and Some Heel Terror

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year.  I don't dress up, but would if I had somewhere to go.  I have small kids though, so we just stay home.  I love that my kid is so into it... and hopefully Dr. Destructo Baby will dig it too.  Alas (yes... overly-dramatic much?), this year I was feeling oh so ill.  I came down with something on Friday and it lingered throughout yesterday (Halloween).  This was a problem.  Not to mention, I promised the kiddo a hallway of horror... for the trick or treaters to walk down.

Yeah for cool mom... I got up and we created the hallway of horror... or whatever you want to call it.  It came out pretty darn cool.  I think we may have started something.

the front-ish

Hallway of horrors... (yeah not scary in the daylight)

Hallway of horrors...

Bat and skeleton

Zebra grass of terror...

Hungry flesh eating pig... and his catch for the evening...

Spider of Doom

We carved 4 pumpkins this year.  One for me, Hubs, the kiddo, and Dr. Destructo Baby...

 Standard happy pumpkin

 Cannibal Pumpkin

 Vampire pumpkin

 Cool design pumpkin with pointy teeth

Then there were the costumes.

Darth Vader was in the house.

Dr. Destructo Baby was camouflaged... so it was hard to see him.  Then he went to bed for most of the trick or treating part of the evening.

During the trick o treating part of the evening I managed to knit the 6 inches needed for my sock.  Yup.  I did it.  I'm officially on the heel.  I am scared to death.  I read the pattern and realized that I really don't know what it's talking about, so I'll have to learn some knitting lingo before next weekend to actually be able to finish this sock.  This is probably the make or break part of the sock, seeing that I suck at picking up stitches and 9 times out of 10 start over if I make a bad enough mistake... TERRIFIED!

 Sock WIP


  1. Great Hallway of Horror! I bet it was even better at night :D

  2. It was cool. I had candles in my left over jarring pints in the garden so there was a cool atmosphere about the whole thing. I still haven't figured out how to take decent photos at night with my new camera, so I figured I'd be safe and take them during the day..

  3. let me know how you make out with the heel if you need help Linda will be happy to add her know how!! love the hallway of horror

  4. Your Halloween decorations are great!

    I know what you mean about the heel. Every time I think I'm going to knit socks I end up making fingerless gloves. The heel scares me.

  5. I will... I'm not touching it until next weekend. We just may need Linda's knowledge on this one. Hahahaha!

  6. Fingerless gloves are a great backup idea of things go awry. :)

  7. Great job on your decorations! And good luck with your sock!


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