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Dec 8, 2010

How To Get a Good Night's Sleep... or Fall into a Coma-like State for 8 Hours.

Yesterday was one of those days... one of those necessary, but hellish kinds of days that have to be taken care of because no one else is going to do it kind of days.  With Dr. Destructo Baby in tow, who also missed his nap due to the school bus timing, I earned myself a good night off, as I schlepped him to 5 different stores.  One of those stores I have to return to, because in my haze of insanity shopping with a grumpy toddler, I picked up kiddo's birthday present IN THE WRONG SIZE.  I need them for Saturday.  I'll be returning there tomorrow sometime.  Back to I earned myself a good night off... Oh right.  I didn't take the night off.

I procrastinated for as long as I could, posting things to Tumblr, Stumbling, checking Facebook for about an hour.

Then I made some more cat butts... yep.  I have a weird inclination to keep making them.  They crack me up.  You can make your own too... either off of Etsy or Ravelry.

That wasn't enough work.  After all, I was doing all of this while listening to the tv... I can't even tell you what I was "watching", because I simply don't remember.  I whipped out these bad boys... er.. jellyfish.  They're so pretty.  I want to make a jellyfish army.

So apparently I had to keep going after that.  I was going to start on a tiger mask, but some sense of enough crept in and I sketched it out instead.

I also get to make an elephant...Yup.  Sketched that one out too.  Dr. Destructo Baby was kind enough to model the to be masks... ♥

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  1. ...LOVE the jellyfish! (My BF and I just had a long discussion (oddly enough) about Man O' War jellyfish in Florida and "qualle"-German jellyfish from his childhood visits to the North Frisian islands.)


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