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May 27, 2011

What Do Ugly Bathrooms and Monsters Have in Common?

Nothing really. It's just 2 of the things that are on my list to do for the weekend. Well, that and some gardening. I have to empty out the greenhouse by next Saturday. That'll take a bit of time too.

I plan on working on more of my Remember to Love Monsters. Here's a new finished one. I was supposed to have 2 new ones and a new style of monster to join him, but there was a kickball fundraiser last night and some unexpected gardening instead. These things happen. This guy is #5 in the set.

I'm also planning on starting the ugly bathroom redo project. This bathroom is so ugly. I hate it. Right now it's filled with recyclable paper and cardboard, piles of unknown papers, mason jars, and empty egg cartons. There's more stuff in there too, but I don't want to come across as a complete slob.

The bathroom also comes with 2 benches (converted into a table and a shelf) that used to be used when the bathroom was carpeted and a sauna. Yes. A sauna bathroom. The toilet also used to have carpeting around it, but we took all the carpeting off due to the potential for mold. Either way, it's ugly. Step one will be a new toilet... one without mold all over it. Safety first.

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  1. tehehe, a sauna bathroom. That is funny.

  2. There was a pamphlet sitting inside the sauna with instructions to sit in the sauna and then go out and jump in the snow... Weird. I wonder if we still have it somewhere.


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