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Sep 9, 2011

Marching Along

I'm still here... slowly plugging away at building up my stash of monster friends.  Here are the latest WIPs... There's another on the hook, but I'll get to her later. I'd like to get the 3 I have started plus 2 more finished by Sunday.

I'm also hoping to get to my basil this weekend... I have yet to make up a pesto sauce this year. I think we're due. It's honestly the best plant we've had in this rotten garden year. Besides, who doesn't like homemade pesto pizza?

I don't know if I mentioned this anywhere, but since I've been busy making monsters for the Bust Craftacular and not listing the new guys for sale, I've been doing a doll of the week. This week's doll is Peebler. He's a fun little monster...

Maybe you'll  be the one to take him home.

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