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Sep 27, 2011

Mitts of Doom...

I'm being a little over dramatic. That's odd, I know. (Note the dripping sarcasm... you got some on your elbow.)

Years ago, before a tee-pee party actually, I made this pair of mitts. It's always cold at these parties and at the last minute I decided I needed to whip up a pair. So I did. I love them. That was my first experience with sock yarn too. Love.

mitts i love

I started this second pair at the Maker Faire... with a D hook (should be a C hook). By the time I realized this little fact, I was too far into this mitt to frog it. I ran out of yarn before the second was finished and had to frog back the first mitt to make it match with the newly added second color. Then I realized that this is a good size for a man's mitt. Hubs tried it on, and then I realized that I have to add more to the top to make it work for a man.

mitts of doom... not really doom

Now I'm at a loss for my pattern (Oh right. Did I mention that these will be a pattern for men and women?)... the women's can be released once I get the right hook size and the men's will be separate. There's an additional section that needs to be figured out for those. Kind of want to offer them at the same time/together. Thoughts? (This last part was taken from Google+... Do a search for Knot By Gran'ma if you want to find me there.)

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