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Dec 12, 2011

Blindingly Beaded

I love returning to a technique that I love... but don't use very often due to the time it consumes. This is a bit of the LOVE piece I've been working on. I had to cover up the wire pieces. Apparently the pieces wasn't intricate enough. My eyes are still crossed from the bead work on these guys! They're so pretty. It's like a nice visit with a good pal (cough*cheesy*cough).

I used to use beaded crochet all the time. It was back in the I'm-making-beaded-crochet-jewelry phase. The pieces were really pretty, and I still have a few (hundred). I'm definitely glad I found dolls though.You jewelry designers have quite the battle on your hands with all of the jewelry competition flying around the internet.

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  1. Well, this jewelry looks amazing! :)

  2. Thanks so much... it was fun to do, but not practical to sell. I'm glad I still have a few pieces left for myself.

  3. The beaded jewelry is very pretty! Looks like fun to make, too! Happy holidays! ♥


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