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Dec 26, 2011

Aftermath Recovery

The holidays are behind us, and I'm happy to report that they were awesome. Getting back to normal has been a challenge this morning for everyone. Hubs went back to work (Awake at 4:30... Ugggh!) and the kiddies are home, trying to figure out what to play with first. I'm behind on everything and working on looking beyond the clutter to get some work done.

oh no! don't make yarn barf!

There's a pair of socks that needs to be started. I bought this amazing yarn back in October while at Rhinebeck. It's time to use it up. Eventually the weather will be cold, and there will be snowboarding. I'm going to need cozy socks to wear while recovering from my bumps and bruises (although not my tailbone, because I received don't-break-your-tailbone-shorts). I was joined by one of the Lady Fab Monsters. She started without me, but I was able to save the yarn from becoming yarn barf in the nick of time.

sneaky, sneaky...

I was pleasantly surprised to get one last pug butt order... from my Shoply shop, which I had forgotten all about. Awesome. It was all good though, because I remembered to re-list the cat and pug butts. They're all back up and available. Lady Fab was trying to memorize the pattern while I was restocking the pug butts (Look! I managed the fuzzy background on my camera!!!). I think she wants to write up the pattern as her own and get it up on Ravelry. Jerk.


Karma came back and got her while she was coming out of her hiding spot.

dr. destructo and lady fab reading

She made up for it by hanging out with Dr. Destructo. He was reading her this pop-up book that he actually got on his first birthday. Go figure. It gave me some time to enjoy some coffee in peace for a few minutes.

I'm hoping to get back to a real schedule before the week's end. Kiddo is home from school and has challenged me to some epic air hockey matches. Since I have to accept his challenge (kick his butt), this may or may not take a little longer.

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