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Mar 8, 2012

Craft Shows, the List

It's becoming that time of year again. Craft show season is just about upon us. Now is the time to find the shows that we would like to be a part of and start building up our inventory. If you give yourself plenty of time to gather the items you need, this should be a breeze.

part of the inventory 
First we have to see what we have (Apparently there is more than one of us in this post... bear with me.) as far as our existing inventory. I have quite a bit. I also have added new inventory items.

rockin' chalkboard, no?

After we see what we have, we need to think about what we need. What things will make this the best show season possible, so we can be calm and focused on our customers? What broke last year? What did we wish we had? I tend to play with this list all season long... adding or replacing items as I go.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it really is the most important step. Skipping this step makes for a difficult season at time. *cough*speakingfromexperience*cough*

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