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Apr 3, 2012

Mellow Yellow Monster Cozy in the House!

Monster cozies that hold your bigger stuff (Well, bigger than regular chapstick...)! This pouch can handle round lip balm tins, mp3 music player, or earbuds, crystals or other small treasures. Monsters cozies watch your stuff and look kind of cool while doing it... it's a monster thing!

monster earbud cozy keychain
mellow yellow monster cozy keychain

Brand new! I'm prepping for craft shows in case you're wondering why I'm trying to crank these bad boys out. :) You can snag it before some lucky craft show patron though.

mellow yellow monster earbud cozy keychain
the backside

These also make finding your key in your bag easier... just feel around for this monster guy. What do you think?

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