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May 1, 2012

Motivational Monsters?

Hahahaha. I never cease to amuse myself. Those inspirational posters (remember them from school?) were always beyond cheesy to me. I always wondered why the teachers hung them up. Anyway. I made my own. Mine is not very inspirational, but more foreboding. Eh.

It's the time of year when online shop production slows for me. I have shows to prepare for, and as usual, have not started. I want to have a healthy stock of mini monsters, monster cozies, and cat & pug butts this year. They have a lower price point than my art pieces, and I'm hoping that helps with sales. You just never know with shows... at least with KBG stuff. It is definitely hit or miss. 

I am also hoping to use this time to get some new crochet patterns out and maybe even do a giveaway. Shocker. I haven't hosted one of those in quite a while.

wool monster doll crocheted ooak
ooak 100% crocheted monster doll

In other news, I (FINALLY) got into an online auction over at Tophatter. Man, they sure don't make it easy! It's May 4th at 9pm PST (that's really Midnight on May 5th for us East Coasters... Wheee!). Here's the link to the auction, please (if you're an insomniac or just normally up at that hour... or on the West Coast) visit the auction, and (hopefully) sign up. This is a 100% hand crocheted wool monster doll. He's starting at $15 (what!?), which is amazing. He's normally $40 or more. He is kid friendly and wants a forever home... like those sad puppies and kitties on the SPCA commercials.


  1. Dang. I don't know which is cuter...the pug, or the mini monster peaking out from behind said pug.

    1. Hee hee... it was not cute taking that picture. No one was cooperating.

  2. And THANK YOU for not having word verification on your blog comments!


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