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Jul 9, 2012

All Around Lilies

I took 80 billion pictures for the snail crochet pattern. Due to the lack of motivation, it's taking me a month to get this pattern written out. I'm cracking the whip! It has got to get done! I've figured that I can also squeeze in a "how to embroider a mouth on amigurumi" tutorial from the last bit of photos... so more work, but definitely worth it in the end. :)

embroidering a mouth on the snail doll photo
embroidering a mouth on the snail doll photo... winging it.

Aside from that, it's been sweltering hot GORGEOUS outside. The gardens have exploded and the kids are running around (for what seems to be) 20 hours a day. We're plopping down, on the couch, exhausted, around 9pm each night. Thus... the need for whip cracking.

gold nugget cherry tomatoes
gold nugget cherry tomatoes. nom, nom, nom, nom, nom!

The first harvest of veggies is right around the corner... 

Summer Squash
Summer Squash

I have these beautiful lilies too. They're breathtaking this year. I'm finally seeing all of the hours of hard work and sweaty digging dedication pay off. It's so nice.


Then there's Dr. Destructo. The hammock is a never ending source of fun. Kiddo loves it too, but was too cool to give me a shot with the camera. Oh to be 9 years old again, and too cool for my mother's antics.

Hammock action shot
hammock action shot


  1. Love those little golden tomatoes! And cutie in the hammock!

  2. Your son is so cut in that photo! I am glad you guys are enjoying the outdoors while you can!


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