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Nov 10, 2012

Ruminating Stitches

Hurricane Sandy decimated parts of New York and the lovely beaches of New Jersey, people were having fist fights in gas lines, and the nastiness of the presidential election was the backdrop to this week. The negative energy has been swirling around for quite some time, plus the moon found itself full right before this particular chain of events. The universe is toiling with upheaval, and a time of change and reflection needs to occur.

I've found myself deeply effected by these events. I'm happy to see the good in people... organizing help and relief for those struggling. The bad though... has been overwhelming. There's a lot of extra (ahem) "fun" on my end that isn't helping. Sometimes the negative feels like it has a stronger hold on everything than the good. It makes it hard to see the beauty in everything, which is kind of sad. There is so much to be thankful for and so much wonder to find in life. I feel like I'm missing it. Stinks. This is not how I'm wanting to feel while spending my days.

tattoo my ukulele
tattoo... my ukulele
Instead of sitting on my pity pot, this past week I filled my time with doing things that make me happy and doing good for others... working on fundraising efforts for pediatric cancer ( and making a hat to send down to Brooklyn for those poor kiddies. Hopefully it will make one kid's head warm, and maybe get a smile on that child? I can only hope. The busier I am, the less affected I feel from the negative churning about.

hat wip to be donated
little hat i'm working on for someone's little head
I've made yarn, dyed it, and crocheted it into monsters... hoping to create a moment of joy in someone's day. I've found hidden talents in designing (which I didn't know I had, until I said why no try it...) and have seen the support from others around me. I am going to fight for the (right to party... sorry how did that earworm get in there?) life that I want; the life that allows me to enjoy the details and see that my kids are happy and healthy... and are taught that life is beautiful even with all the bad vibes simmering on the backburner. That is the life that I'm searching for.

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