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Nov 17, 2012

Ruminating Stitches

It's been a week with some setbacks. Instead of crying over them, I found my head down with work in my hands. My productivity seems to spike when things are going in directions other than I would like. This is where crochet is a gift... my grandmother used to say it's cheaper than a psychiatrist too. She was kind of right. Yarn's really expensive, so I'm sure it evens out.

handspun hand dyed yarn by knot by gran'ma
my first attempts at handspinning and dyeing my own yarn
Finding different ways to see the good seems to take practice. I've been stepping back quite a bit... and trying to do just that. It helps to switch up the activities too. In addition to the crochet (because sometimes I just can't wrap my head around even the simplest stitches), I've been playing with my drop spindle and even experimented with some dye techniques. It's humbling to do something that you're not adept at, and a good reminder to stop a moment. In that moment, you can take a deep breath and see the good around you. There's always someone who is hurting more... always.

fight against pediatric cancer bracelet
cancer sucks... let's beat pediatric cancer
Doing for others has been more helpful than I could have imagined. This is a bracelet I designed and am currently making (as many  as possible) for a fundraiser to beat Pediatric Cancer... which is kind of the scariest thing I can think of. Here's the event, for all of you locals... or you can just visit

agamemnon my pug
agamemnon, my pug
When all else fails, I have my dog. Setbacks or not, he's always up for sitting on my feet, breathing like a truffle pig. He just wants love. He's a good dog. Tomorrow's always a new day and I have a wonderful life. 


  1. I LOVE your spun and dyed yarn, it's very pretty for a first attempt. I also LOVE the bracelet! I am really big into Relay For Life through the American Cancer Society, so I always love seeing and hearing of others fighting for Cancer awareness as well. Do you think you will be publishing the pattern for that bracelet by chance?

  2. Thank you. I really am enjoying spinning... and the dyeing is like one big science experiment.

    I probably will be publishing the bracelet pattern at some point after the holidays. I'll post it on here when I do.


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