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Feb 26, 2013

Manta Ray Scarflette

I designed this quite a while ago. It's taken some time to get the crochet pattern tested and available for you all to purchase. Finally, it's ready to go. I wear this piece all the time. I love it.

Manta Ray Scarflette Crochet Pattern by Knot By Gran'ma
Manta Ray Scarflette Crochet Pattern by Knot By Gran'ma
I consider this scarflette my first "serious" crochet piece of clothing (hat's don't count to me for some reason). I am a doll artist, so this is a real big deal (and accomplishment) to me. Woot! Woot! This was also a nice break from my usual crochet workload. I really enjoyed making it and seeing it work up. I also pulled it apart more times than I would like to admit as I was trying to get the math and shape to crochet up correctly. I normally work as I go, without patterns. My dolls are created with shapes in mind, not a set pattern that I would follow. The shift in thinking, from abstract directions to the written pattern, was definitely a brain trainer!

The shape (see?!) immediately sang out manta ray to me... I have a strong connection to the sea, and I felt it was important that I listen to it (randomly coming to mind and all). The Manta Ray Scarflette was born.

I have 2 balls of the yarn, Jojoland Melody, left in different colors. I'm planning to crochet them into this scarflette, so I'll have 3 to choose from.

You can purchase this crochet pattern here:

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