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Apr 1, 2009

Back To Normal...

Kind of... I'm back to shipping normally and working on getting into a routine for new items to be lovingly created. In the mean time, here's the Little Knot that's been taking up my time for the past 3+ weeks. It's the only picture that I'll be posting of him, so enjoy it while you can.

Back to work for Knot By Gran'ma!


  1. Yea! for babies taking up all of the time we have in the world!!! Just the way it should be... lol! It is good to get a bit of normalcy back, and it is nice to have you back as well! Cute little knot ya' got there!

  2. what a cutie!! Congrats on your little creation!

  3. He is adorable! Congrats!!!
    My new baby is almost 6 months now, it goes by fast so enjoy it.


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