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Mar 22, 2010

Monday Mash Up

This week came and went and not much got done in the Knot By Gran'ma world.  It didn't help that it was 70 degrees and beautiful out all week and weekend.  My baby blonks are coming along, and I'd like to finish them today or tomorrow. They're different than how I had pictured, so the excitement is gone.  They're cute though... and the baby will most likely love them.

Yesterday instead of being inside and crocheting, Grandma and I took the boys over the Walkway over the Hudson.  It was really nice and we managed to cross and come back without too much of a hassle.  That beat any project that I can think of hands down.


Aside from having the baby blonks pattern available this week, I'm also going to finish a doll that I started months and months ago.  She's mostly together and really just needs a face, some hair, and other details that I haven't come up with yet.

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