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Apr 24, 2013

Creating a Community: New(ish) to Me Blogs

The mission of most days lately seems to cram in some amount of blog reading, while still skillfully managing to get some work done. The appearance of getting some work done is also acceptable. If anything, a rocking dinner on the table will make up for the piles of clutter everywhere, because I have blogs to read. Maybe it's not that over-dramatic. Maybe.

I've been checking in with Habitual Homebody and Alycia's life/crochet/house hunting living in general. Her writing is pretty down to earth and resonates usually in the tone that I'm accustomed to hearing when It's calm in my brain. She's also turning me on to the best podcasts, which I also am trying to sneak in. Maybe more when I start running. Did I mention that to anyone? Well I'm buying running sneakers and taking it from there. Alycia's podcast advice could come in very handy  there... if I don't fall over after I spit out my lung.

Smiling Drummer Painting
Smile! I painted this. It's my high school friend, Tom.

The other place I've been checking in with lately is terribleminds by Chuck Wendig. Before you go over there, be advised that his writing my not be safe for work or life apparently. It's all in the disclaimer. Actually go there, and read just that if you have to. It makes me smile. The cursing, style of writing, his humor... love it all. It really is my kind of reading. It makes my brain do exercises, and then I'm smiling. So maybe this blog is my happy place a little. This post of "How Writing is Actually Work" caught my eye yesterday, and it turns out his book, Blackbirds, came out a year ago today (April 24th 2012). What are the odds?

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  1. You are too sweet! Thanks for the blog love. I am flattered :) I will have to check out chucks blog. Sounds like a good read :)

  2. It definitely fun! I'm checking out his books this weekend.

  3. I was just roaming around checking out new blogs and I found yours. The blogging community is fun, but time consuming sometimes. BTW, I love Wendig's blog. :)

  4. Yes. It is time consuming. I like to browse through the day's posts and usually find one or two that I really fully read and comment. Glad you stopped in. :)

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. I like the painting!


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