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May 19, 2010

How to Crochet: Chain Stitch

The crochet chain is the basis for most crochet work. The majority of patterns you will use call for you to beginning crocheting with a chain stitch. This is a simple step on the road to creating beautiful pieces of crochet art.

  1. Slip Knot
    Slip Knot
    Make a slip knot. Insert the crochet hook through the loop. Hold your yarn around your pointer finger and snugly in your hand.

  2. Yarn Over
    Yarn Over
    Wrap the yarn over the hook 1 time. This is called a yarn over and is abbreviated as YO. Once you get used to crocheting, this step will become almost second nature.

  3. Pull Through Loop
    Pull Through Loop
    Pull the YO through the bottom loop on your hook. Try not to have your yarn too loose or too tight.

  4. Crochet Chain
    Crochet Chain
    Repeat from step 2. Each chain you make counts as 1 stitch. At the beginning of your patterns, it will state how many chains you need. Eventually crocheting a chain will become a smooth and rhythmic motion.

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