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Jun 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Aside from the joy (I know... yak!) of our anniversary, today has been a good day.  This Alice Doll dress is coming along, and with any luck I'll have her finished before I leave on Friday.  Apparently my deadline is the 8th of July.  The sewing of fabric is proving to be the hardest part of this doll.  A seamstress, I am not.  A doll clothing seamstress... definitely not.  It doesn't help that I always imagine frantic violin playing when I sew.  That's probably not a good thing to do.  Ha.  

So to keep this doll more of a surprise for July 8th, I'm only posting bits and pieces from here on out.  No whole doll progress shots.  I'll be taking them and will post those ones after the deadline.  It's all about the surprise now folks!

Hooray for hubs and I (me?)!  8 years of wedded bliss... mostly.  I wish I could remember what we were laughing at in this picture.  It's my favorite picture from our wedding.  He's a swell guy and I probably love him more now than I did then... which, as stupidly cliched as it sounds, is something I wouldn't have thought possible.


  1. Happy anniversary! I just had mine with hubs - the first one!- on Sunday. Anniversaries are so much fun, and the loving each other more is so not a cliché. I raise a toast for you!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I love the boquet you had.


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