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Jun 28, 2010

Hair of the Doll.

I worked on this doll all weekend.  Then I ripped out all of the work I had done.  Then I made Alice some hair.  It's much better. 

She's getting a dark blue top, puffy light blue sleeves, crinoline, and an off-white with white flowers print cotton mini apron.  Alice needs a hat, the Cheshire Cat at her feet, a tea cup somewhere, a mouth, some arms and something to stand on.  Then she'll be done.  Oh wait.  She'll need a hair bow too.  I really should have sketched this doll out.  She's there in my head, but I'm having difficulty getting her out on paper... so winging it I'll be. 

I want to finish her soon.  Hopefully she'll let me.  I'm beginning to think she's plotting against me... or I've gone insane from thinking too hard about this doll.  Nice.

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