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Jun 15, 2010

New Direction.

It's Tuesday (not quite the afternoon...yet, but I usually have that song stuck in my head on Tuesdays... thanks college marching band for letting me learn that tune...) and I'm going to try to start being a better blog writer.  I'll call myself a writer to see if that keeps my butt in gear.  I can make this blog better and a heck of a lot more interesting to read.  I know this, because I lead a pretty interesting life.  So I'll try harder and share more and hopefully you readers will be happy to share.

I wanted to get a little more crocheting done this weekend, but alas that doing stuff with the family thang reared it's not so ugly head.  We ended up going up to Monticello to see my nephew race his quad in the motocross races. (NOTE: I have no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to motocross... so bear with me.) Aside from the intermittent rain, it really was a nice day.  I caught some action shots.

 There was birthday guy on this particular race... notice his birthday hat... hilarious.  My 7 year old and I were giddy over that.

Lots of big air... which I was told isn't a big deal... I'd pee my pants if I were riding that quad.  Oh wait.  No I wouldn't.  I'd be in the shrubs all sorts of fallen over.  My experience in riding an ATV is on Hub's 3 wheeler (which apparently is a very dangerous sort of ATV) doing slow motion donuts on the ice at an ice party one year.

Anyway, in between all of this, and my music lessons, and soccer  I did get a few rows of my blanket, which started out as a twin blanket but now will probably be a throw because I'm not going to have enough yarn and I'm not ordering more.  Here's the progress picture.  You can see the entire progress of the blanket over on Ravelry.  It's a public link too so anyone can look!

I'm at the part where I start over on the colorway... I'm going to have it regress from the dark to the light, so each side will be kind of the same... at least it will if you fold it in half.  I'm really happy with how the cables and openwork are coming along.  Once it's done, I'll be posting the pattern for sale so you all can make your own.

I also woke up to 2 of my dolls featured in this cool treasury on Etsy too... It's a good one!

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