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Jun 16, 2010

Stapled & Hooked Heads

Today started out fairly normal.  We spent a nice morning before school getting ready with the usual routine... and chillin' with the bunny, Thunderbolt.  (Rabbits need exercise too!)  The chickens were fed and watered, and Ted and Foxy (our Bantams) were uncovered from their nightly retreat.  You see, they're in a rabbit hutch while their new coop is being built. Every night we've been slipping pizza boxes around the edges so the foxes can't see them.  Apparently this is working... Right.  A very normal morning.  My son goes off to school and all is well... until about 8:45 am when the school nurse calls.

My son managed to be goofing around on the bus and fell and split his head open.  So I had to go get him and take him to the doctor's office.  They sent me to the ER (which I knew they would by the looks of how his laceration was... my mom's a nurse so I know these words,).  2 very shiny staples later, we got to leave (in under 2 hours...Wow!).  We stopped for some non-Tylenol Tylenol and a happy meal.  The day can only get better from here.  Luckily, he's fine. They also over wrapped his head trying to get him to smile.  Let this be a lesson for all you kids out there!  Don't goof around on the bus.  Sit in your seat and flippin' behave, or you could just split your head open!

I had hoped to make the eyes for my new Alice doll this morning, but since I was a little busy... yeah that didn't happen.  I did finish up her head shaping yesterday though.  It looks pretty cool so far.  I tried a new way of doing it that usual, and it led me to being able to have more control of the shape of the face.  Bonus!

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