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Aug 11, 2010

New Friends

This is a bit of a lame-o post, but only because I don't have any actual crochet work finished to show you all.  I'm working on it though.  I promise.  Crochet work is somewhat sloth like slow at times... and sometimes I feel like a slacker for not having more to show on a more regular basis.  I understand that this is silly though, and I should get over my own neuroses....  And besides, we have new visitors at my house!

Our first visitor is these pretty little yellow finches. They come around to eat the sunflower seeds off of my randomly non-planted sunflowers.  I snapped this little guy through the window.  I was very ninja like.

The second visitor is my new head.  She's half modeling the new hat design on top of my African drum.  I haven't named her yet, so if you have any suggestions... Let 'em rip!

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