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Aug 3, 2010

Taking it While I Can

Yes.  It's only Tuesday, but it's been productivity city around here.  Might have something to do with the lack of computer? Anyway, lots of stuff is going on and I'm rolling with it.  It's just a matter of time before it putters off to be seen again at a later date. 

 Guard Spider... with the awesome web.

 Firstly, there's the garden.  We're doing better than last year, but will probably still have to buy veggies to can with for our winter bounty of mainly tomato sauce.  Ahh well.  These things happen, and I'm extremely grateful that I don't have to rely on farming to eat. Aside from the beautiful (and oh so scary looking when you're not expecting them) yet harmless garden spiders guarding our bounty from bugs, there are tomatoes... and silliness in the garden.

 Giant Tomato

Hubs with his tomato plants... ♥♥♥

There's also been crazy crocheting going on in our KBG household of fun.  I started a new hat out of Camelino yarn... which may be a new favorite for me. There will be a pattern once the rest of the yarn arrives, because again I didn't order enough for the project.

There's also a zombie doll in the works... I've already had to rip him out because I used the wrong size hook.  Take 2 will be going on today.  This is going to stay a secret, so here's your one and only sneak peak until I finish him up and release the pattern.  He may or may not have a girlfriend too...  I'll be ranting maniacally about his progress on Twitter, if you're interested in following that.

Aside from that, I'm keeping true to my Motif a Day thang... although sometimes I do two or more in a day.  They're very therapeutic, and I'm loving the progress of this baby blanket and shawl thing too.  You an join me on this quest of motif-ing once a day over at Flickr.  Once my camera battery charges, I'll be adding some more progress pictures.

There's also startings of a Rocker Hat going on, but I haven't actually done anything with it that can be used for pictures.  It should be cool though.  It's going to have piercings. Sweet!

Hopefully this shot of getting stuff done will last...

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  1. your tomatoes are beautiful! i envy you your garden.


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