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Jul 27, 2010

Crickets and Tumbleweed

Yeah so it's been quiet on the blog for about a week or two... sorry about that.  I had good reason to be quiet though.  My computer crashed.  I wen to to turn it on on Friday morning and this crazy blue Bad_Pool_Caller error screen came on every time Windows tried to start up.  After not being able to do anything about this for hours, I finally choked over $50 to have the nice people at Dell (who have apparently been taking English classes) to help me out.  And they did... and it was worth the $50.  Granted I had to take my computer in to have all the information backed up and still have to go back to get that and have been redoing every setting I had because the computer was started up like when it was new... but it's all good now.  I'm actually finding things that I should have done 4 years ago when I originally set up the computer.  Yeah.  The lesson here kids is to back your stuff up.  This is also something I'm working on... 'cause it was a little pricey to get all of my stuff saved.  Luck was on my side this time.

Here are some pretty motifs that I've been working on in the meantime.  I officially have 2 motif designs under my belt.  One is going to be a shawl out of sock yarn and the other will be a baby blanket out of cotton scrap yarn.

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