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Oct 14, 2010

Support For a Fellow Yarny Friend.

Patience's husband passed away unexpectedly the other day.  It was sudden and sad and really what I would consider one of my worst fears come true.  I was unfortunately able to read the happenings as they progressed.  It was horrible and terribly sad.  She is alone (except for some amazing and supportive friends) from her family in England.  This is a fundraiser to get her family from the US to her and to help her out with the basic costs that will arise from all of this.  She really is an amazing lady, and the little I know of her husband (I never met Owen either), I can tell you he was an amazing soul as well.


You can read more about the fund here:

Patience's Love Fund

A gal that I chat with online and have never met... someone that I consider a friend needs a little help.  We chat at times, and quietly follow each other's silliness on the world wide web the other times.  I have never met Patience Ann, but I do think of her as one of my yarny friends.

There's also a blanket (or maybe two) being made by the knitting/crocheting community that know her.  It's on Ravelry, so if you're part of that, you can see the details here.

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