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Nov 19, 2010

Ever Feel Like You're Being Watched?

Well? I do. I feel like I'm being watched all the time. I'm surrounded by monsters and eyeballs, and eyeballs in progress and dolls just staring at me. And I don't crochet eyelids onto any of my eyeballs hardly, so my eyeballs don't even blink. It's kind of creepy sometimes. For real.

These guys have been staring at me since last night.  I just almost dumped them into a cold cup of coffee right after I took this picture.  That would have sucked a little.  Glad I caught myself...

They're going to turn into these guys... hopefully by the end of tonight. They're awesome Fun Fur stash busters... somehow I ended up with a ton of Fun Fur.  I'd like them to come with me to the show on Sunday, but I'm not going to stress out over it if they don't get done. See? This is the new and improved Knot By Gran'ma. This version of me is human and cannot tackle my own insane to-do list. This version is cool with that.

Here are some of the other part of the fiber family of staring monsters that'll be also accompanying me.  Hopefully there will be lots of ornament and keychain buying peeps.

And Dr. Destructo Baby... in his brother's mohawk hat, making me laugh.  Good thing, because this baby is.a.rough.gig.  Let me tell you... Hope he makes you laugh too.

Also, please go listen to the Rat Pack.... I love them and they are making this post take longer than it should, due to giggling.  I wish I could have seen them live.  Ahhh well.

Since it's Fiber Arts Friday, head on over to Wisdom Begins In Wonder to see other amazing fiber arts posts. You will probably learn something new too!



  1. I bet it would freak you out if you nodded off and woke up to a room full of eye balls. tehehe

    I saw a friend on FB today in a pic where her husband was wearing a mohawk hat...I need to ask her if she ordered it from you. It totally looked like yours and I was like, I know who makes those.

  2. Yep. I would freak out. Non-blinking eyeballs are creepy. Real or not.

    If it was a gray mohawk, then it was mine. I've only made 2 so far. I'm working on a blue one now that my show's just about done.

  3. Oooh I do now. Hehe. Love those eyes.


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