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Nov 15, 2010

Heels Aren't THAT Bad... So Far.

Yesterday was spent in knitting sock land... which is really a nice place and will be holding my attention for many socks to come.  There were plenty of questions that came up... I did watch a bunch of YouTube videos.  My twitter pals also helped me out immensely (THANK YOU!!!!)  And now I have a heel, which kind of just magically appeared.  Sweet!

But today is back to Knot By Gran'ma work day.  I have a craft show on Sunday to continue to get ready for.  You can see all the details here.  I'm hoping to crank out a bunch of monster ornaments and keychains out of this yarn.

Wish me luck, because half of the working day will be spent at the pediatricians with a sick kiddo.  Most of this will have to be done while watching a little Monday Night Raw... Yeah, I said it. 

Oh!  Today's the first day of my holiday gift posts too.  As of now I think I have 25 days lined up.  Should be fun... let's all support some handmade this year!


  1. RAW is 3 hours tonight so plenty of time for monster making!

    Hope the kiddo feels better soon.

  2. This is true... I'm actually late 'cause one kiddo is still up. Let the monster making begin!!!


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