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Feb 11, 2011

Fiber Arts Friday with Tentacles, Penguins, and Cat Butts

I'm glad to see this week end.  I may have said that last week, but it's true.  It was a good week, just long and tiring.  It probably didn't help that I started today with chasing dogs off my property in my pj's (baseball bat in hand in case they were vicious... my neighbors must loooooove me. Hey, the kids have to be outside, so leash your dogs, yo.), had to tell kiddo to not wait for his bus in a tree, and then get to his school with Dr. Destructo in tow and have a Valentine's breakfast... which was really nice, but consisted of kiddo talking at warp speed, Dr. Destructo coloring madly, and very little Valentine's breakfast eating.  Good times... for real.

That being done, I've still yet to pop in my exercise video and there are 2 boys coming over for dinner and a movie later on tonight for kiddo.  I'm going to crochet my buns off in the meantime.  Here's my work space today... If you look closely, you can see the pattern planning on the page underneath all of the yarn.

tentacle wip
Tentacle Ballet Monster is coming along, in the fact that I have all the suction cups made, one tentacle lining (7 more to go!) and then have to figure out the wire and bendy aspect of this doll.  You can't have a tentacle monster with floppy tentacles.  They need to be upright and awesome.

today's work space
There will be a little penguin pattern work going on and 2 cat butt keychains also.  One will be blue.  I will eat and clean in the intermittent shifts of crochet.  Somebody (couch*me*cough) didn't do the dishes last night.

do the dishes!
It's Fiber Arts Friday, so please leave a comment and then head over to Andrea's Blog, Wisdom Begins in Wonder and check out the other Fibery posts!  I guarantee you will learn something interesting.


That all being said, at the end of the night... it's all going away and I'm casting on the 2nd Basic Ribbed sock.

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  1. Sounds like a party at your house, LOL I often wonder why some folks let their animals wander the neighborhood. Crazy, I tell ya! It's fun to see your design process at play...good luck finding more crochet time. Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  2. I think waaaay too much fun is had at your house. ;-)

  3. Fun... madness... It's all the same.

  4. Don't feel bad, my sink looks the same right now too. No real excuse either, I have a dishwasher. Fiber is so much more entertaining though!

  5. Your work is soooo fun and fresh!

  6. I keep chanting cat butt in my, the second glass of wine is NOT the reason for this. tehehe, yes it is.

    I do adore your projects. I love the tentacles and I can't wait for the penguin to be completed.

    Happy Fiber Arts go wash some dishes ;-)

  7. there are more important things in life than housework-fiber is top on that list--enjoy!

  8. Your work is so unique and your sense of humor really comes through. I love visiting your blog. Thanks for participating in Fiber Arts Friday.

    And yeah, forget the house...

  9. You guys are so nice... The dishes got done eventually. Working on getting around to all of your blogs eventually.


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