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Feb 18, 2011

Jerk Penguins Crashing Birthday Bashes...

Firstly, let me get this penguin out of the way.  I finally finished.  Life got in the way of this doll/pattern and then I lost the mojo that was driving it to be finished.  Either way, he's all finished and now I get to write up the pattern so you all can make your own little penguin dudes.

He's not all that big, but I like how cute he is and will be happy when the entire project is completely finished.

Now onto the birthday festivities.... Hubs had a birthday this week... actually the day after Valentine's.  I used to take this as a supreme challenge and whine and be like "just great..." Now I enjoy the love of it all (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!) and we roll with it.  This year, we (ahem... I) did crazy searching for take-out BBQ because the one I had originally planned on going to was closed on Tuesdays.  Of course it was..  But I found a nice place that was about 30 minutes from the house... We'll be going back... hopefully without the kidlets and on the motorcycle.

birthday cupcakes
I made Hubs birthday cupcakes... from scratch... with love.

birthday bunny ears
Kiddo made birthday bunny ears, giggling maniacally... with love.

cupcakes are yummy (that's what he'd say if he could talk...)
 Dr. Destructo loves his cupcakes... also with love.

So that's that.

It's Fiber Arts Friday, so please leave a comment and then head over to Andrea's Blog, Wisdom Begins in Wonder and check out the other Fibery posts!  I guarantee you will learn something interesting. Sadly, I won't be participating in the blog hopping this week due to some unexpected sad stuff. Hopefully next week!


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  1. I love how the penguin came out! Congrats on getting it finished.

  2. Thanks. It was really hard to find the motivation on this one towards the end. :)

  3. I LOVE the penguin! You know, sometimes you just have to take a break. It seems like this time of year is always hard on motivation. We need more sunshine.

    the cupcakes look adorable.

  4. Hey there friend, cute project, and little distructo's pretty darn cute too! I just noticed the fun doll in your banner,popping over to your shop to check for more right now! Have a great week!

  5. I love the penquin!

    It looks like you all had a great birthday.

  6. Thanks guys... It's been a long weeks, so the birthday festivities were more than welcome! I'm learning how to be okay with not getting everything on my list done... easier said than done! :)


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