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Mar 18, 2011

Fiber Arts Friday Tentacle Monster Style...

Aside from getting my Chakra Doll crochet pattern up this week.... this doll has been all consuming.  She's not finished, but aside from hair, a tulle tutu and a garter belt she's pretty damn close.  I also have to figure out how to have her on the base that I still have to prep and paint.  Baby steps...

Last night I finished assembling the tentacles, which proved to be dangerous.  My tapestry needle is very sharp and seems larger than it should be.  I'm a little afraid of it.  I also almost leaned onto it yesterday with my neck.  That's the sort of thing that goes down over here in KBG land...  So this morning, I started out with all of these pieces.

I also figured out how to crochet plaque build-up... which amused me to no end. (Twitter friends know...)

This morning I sewed and stuffed and got the whole thing together.  I really love her.  I'm not sure how she's going to sit or stand on the base.  It's going to involved dowels and carpentry skills that I lack for sure.  Once the rest of her is finished and sewn on, I'm sure she'll be awesome.

On another note, I also got a great wholesale order that will be consuming me pretty much exclusively for the next 3 weeks.  More details on that as the deadline approaches.

It's Fiber Arts Friday, so please leave a comment and then head over to Andrea's Blog, Wisdom Begins in Wonder and check out the other Fibery posts!  I guarantee you will learn something interesting.



  1. Can't wait to see her on her stand. That is some kind of teeth. :)

    Congrats on the wholesale order ... and happy fiber arts Friday!

  2. yah, congrats! You love your colors, me too! I'm always so happy to see what you are working on and now I shall pop over and get caught up on your tweets, have a great week!!!

  3. Hello! Vow - your new creation is great and interesting! I love those colours and shapes!
    Thank you for your visit and lovely words!
    Congratulations and have a sunny weekend! Teje

  4. Plaque build up?!? LMAO. Sorry I missed it on Twitter.

    Did I read somehwere that you ARE getting a puglet?

  5. someWHere. Yes, I do know how to spell. grrr

  6. Interesting little critter! So glad you didn't include gingivitis ;-)

  7. She is amazing! Yes, getting her to stand will be a fun task. What a great creation.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  8. Can't wait to see the tutu. What a hoot!

    See you for the next Fiber Arts Friday

  9. Awesome! The plaque build-up is just hilarious.


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