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Mar 21, 2011

Garden Fun Monday

Today starts the maniacal monster making frenzy.  I've been hinting that I was going to start earlier, but alas... things don't usually go as planned over at KBG land.  I'm constantly readjusting to work with the current situation.  This is usually because of some sort of Dr. Destructo, kiddo, or Hubs incident. These are the things that keep life interesting though!

Yesterday's post was supposed to be done yesterday (due to it being Sunday and the first day of spring).  Obviously I'm a day late. It's also a little ironic that I'm writing my spring post as snow is falling from the sky.  Oh well.

lilac buds
I am happy to report though, that my lilacs (and plethora of other bushes) are starting to bud.  This particular plant was 3 inches tall when I received it in the mail about 3 years ago.  It's now about a foot and a half tall...

greenhouse construction
We're making slow progress on the greenhouse too.  I'm okay with this because all my seeds are still not started and by the time we're done, they should be ready to go outside into said greenhouse.

The garlic is showing up too.  It's our first attempt at garlic, so this is very exciting.  Apparently we can never have enough (or too much!) garlic!

digging squirrel
There was also a little squirrel digging hopefully for yucky grubs on the other side of the garden.  He was cute, so I snapped his picture.

spring snow
So there's my garden fun update... the day after the first day of spring and written while it's snowing.  Sweet.

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  1. nice greenhouse! i am dreaming of one of those someday....


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