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Mar 7, 2011

Love the Ones You're With...

Love that song...

Yeah... I didn't get as far along on my chakra doll as I would have liked.  So far I have this half head... not so great.

chakra doll wip
I did start a new book, The 7 Healing Chakras: Unlocking Your Body's Energy Centers... which is rare for me these days.  I'm sure as Dr. Destructo gets more into the terrible two's (which he started a full 6 months before turning to...) and kiddo gets more into well... the awesomeness that he does, I'll have less time.  I'm going to try to read more this year.  I even added a little widget to my side bar... So far I read one of those books (Gods Behaving Badly: A Novel... not a bad quickie) and have started another. Oh and I'm an Amazon Associates now.. it was the only way I could get the widget.  So there's that... you'll be seeing relative stuff in my posts that I pick out, but only if it goes with what I'm posting about.

birthday cupcakes
I also pulled off an awesome and yummy birthday brunch for Dr. Destructo.  Those are my excuses for not crocheting more.  That's all I've got.  It's all good though.  This was a great weekend that was spent with the people I love the most.  That's really all that matters, right?

mini flood
Did I mention there was a mini flood?  When it really rains our yard looks like this... granted, we don't have to travel over the puddle like kiddo... I just walk around. But when that happens big enough and it pours like the gods are angry, we get water in our basement like this... On the upside, we get to replace that ugly blue commercial carpet in the beginning of the basement.  Seeing the bright side...

mini flood
The rain was a big part of today going awry... 2 hour delays, water, Hubs losing stuff that I couldn't find, clutter attack.... It was rough for a bit this morning.  Luckily I have my wits, Twitter pals, and a little Freddy Mercury (Barcelona) to help me past the rough bits

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  1. Looks cute thus far even if you aren't as far with it as you wanted to be. ... And I do recommend trying the chakra massage in addition to the reiki if you get the opportunity.

  2. I'll definitely look for the message. I'm pretty sure our local shop would know at least where to go for the message. Gonna get some more of the doll finished while watching a little Monday Night RAW (WWE Wrestling). It's awesome to crochet to. :)


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