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May 23, 2011

Love Mint in the Springtime with Monsters and Yoga

I love this time of year... even more when the sun comes out (oh well). There's always something to do.  There's also feels like the days need more hours, even with all of the extra sunlight.

There's been monster making... here's number 4 in the series of Remember to Love Monsters... only 26 more to go! It's a labor of love... literally!

I've been plugging away at this yoga mat bag too. I was hoping to be done already, but I need to take wip pictures for the pattern, and the sun hasn't really been out in like 2 weeks. So we're stalled until the sunshine returns. I did add it to my Ravelry projects though. You can follow the progress there.

I'm in the middle of an aviator hat order also... 2 of them will be the standard aviator toddler hats, but the 3rd gets to be in this beautiful pink! I'm a little excited to see how it turns out...

Hmmm... what else? Oh! I did get to finally harvest some peppermint. Here's the bounty from the one picking. This is actually what I left in the garden when I transplanted the rest. Apparently mint is very weedlike in its spreading habits. It's hanging in the greenhouse waiting to be turned into yummy peppermint tea.

Lots of new stuff coming soon! I have a few new monster ideas... including a hat for our buddy Agamemnon! He'll be so cute in it.

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  1. Everything looks great! Especially the doggy :-). I have chocolate peppermint in my garden this year, but I've grown different peppermints before. I keep all my mints containerized ... Spearmint spreads in a bush, and peppermints spread with runners. Either way, they take over the yard! Do you just hang your mint to dry, or do you fan it or anything?

  2. I just washed it, patted it dry, and then hung it in bunches... I put it in my greenhouse though so it would dry faster. We'll see. I've never done it before.

    I think I'll fight the peppermint for now, but I am definitely potting the applemint and spearmint. I will also be looking for chocolate peppermint... sounds divine!


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