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May 25, 2011

Finally A Proper KBG Pug Mascot Hat

This is what I've been doing all week so far. Well, I did finish the pink base to an aviator hat and make a monster body too... and then there's the gardening. BUT... this is what I wanted to share with you. I made a monster hat for my pug, Agamemnon, and it's so flippin' awesome. I'm giddy almost. No, I am giddy over this. Now I have an official mascot with an official hat. Sweet.

Want one? I'm offering them as made to order, where you can pick your colors and size. It's crocheted from acrylic yarn, cotton thread, and bamboo thread. It also comes with a little tie string in case the chin part isn't snug enough... that way you can adjust it to your dog for a more custom fit. There may or may not be a crochet pattern for this one... I haven't decided yet. It'll be a good month or so of pattern writing though before that one comes out... if it does come out. Did I mention I wasn't decided yet?

Anyway, you can pick up this bad-boy via Etsy. Or you can just contact me. They're going for $65 plus shipping.

Sizing is as follows: (found by measuring the dog's brow line from ear to ear...) If you're in between, go for the smaller size. It'll give a little.

Extra Small = 4 inches or 10.2 cm
Small = 5 inches or 12.7 cm
Medium = 6 inches or 15.2 cm
Large = 7 inches or 17.8 cm
Extra Large = 8 inches or 20.3 cm

Cat or Ridiculously Small = 3 inches or 7.6 cm (Doesn't include the second color in the head...)

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