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Jul 29, 2011

Sneak Peek and a Really Good Sandwich

I've been working pretty hard  (even with Hubs home) these past few days on a new design... which I will share with you all when these first 3 dolls are 100% finished. They're at about the 80% point. Mostly...

sneak peek... shhhhh!

Tonight I'll try to paint their little smiles, and I may even find the sewing machine for the mystery fabric componant. This is all very exciting.

I also made a great sandwich the other day. I'm sharing it with you all because it was easy to make and I'm pretty sure a good thing to eat for breakfast. Did I mention it was a particularly yummy sandwich yet? Hubs is like, why did you take a picture of that sandwich? I was all like, because it was delicious... and I'm a dork like that. :)


So all it is is and english muffins (slightly toasted), a handful of raw baby spinach, a slice of cheese, a fried egg, and some Dijon mustard. Yummers!

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  1. "Paint" their smiles? What do you use to paint on yarn?

  2. I don't paint on yarn... It never works out right. I have some canvas that works great... just sew it on afterwards. It's such a cool effect!


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