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Aug 2, 2011

Introducting: Lady Fab Monsters - Project Hook and Needle Holders

I did it. I sketched them, worked on the design for over a week and finally finished last night. They're fabulous. I hope you think so too. I'd like to introduce Lady Fab Monsters - Project Hook and Needle Holders.

lady fab monsters

I have this thing with needing some sort of monster in my day. These ladies are specifically designed to hold crochet hook and/or knitting needles for projects. They'll also hold pencils and small scissors and other project paraphernalia. These work great for holding your stuff as you work... I tested them. They come as crochet hook holders (short little pouch), a knitting needle holder (longer 8-ish" pouch) and a crochet hook and knitting needle holder (both pouches). The pouches simply tie onto the doll, and the doll has a little garter wrap thing going on to secure the bottom of the pouches. There's lots of possibilities... I like that you can put the pouches however you like... They'll also stand if you place them just so... but it's all based on balance, so a leaning area may be best.

knitting needle and crochet hook holder

I particularly enjoy making these guys mainly because I get to do more than just crochet and hand sew. Unfortunately there's still stuffing, but we're keeping plastic bags out of landfills... so I guess it's worth it. No, it is worth it. I also get to sew (with my machine! like and adult!) and my beloved painting. The sewing is hard for me. There's a lot of cursing and growling and whatnot, but I enjoy it. Painting... even if it is itty bitty little monster mouths, is something I miss. And right now painting little monster mouths is the perfect dose of painting for my week.

crochet hook holder

There will be more of these beauties coming up. I have a show coming up, where I'd like to bring them and I just really had a blast making them. It seems like making them in batches is the way to go, so stay tuned for more in a week or so.

knitting needle holder

The other monsters aren't going anywhere and there's rumor of a unicorn head being started sometime today.

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