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Jul 19, 2011

What The Heck Kind of Direction Am I Goin In?

I'm a little all over the place lately. I'm chalking it up to things I have no control over and not being where I'd like to be with KBG. The things I have no control over are making me feel more scattered than usual, making it difficult to get motivated and actually do stuff. The not being where I'd like to be with KBG is a direct result of me not getting enough stuff done and contacting the right venues/people with my work.

I'd like to be selling more dolls. I'm not sure how I should go about this. Really. What's my product? How do I go about finding my niche? Are they dolls or art? Why can't my kid have one? Eco-friendly is great, but how much impact does the rest of KBG have towards the environment?

I'd like to have my bigger pieces in galleries... that would be awesome actually. I'm not sure about how I should go about this also.

I want to be able to crochet every day and be able to make a living... not even... pay one bill a month with KBG. I'm not sure about how I should go about that.

I also want to design crochet patterns. Real crochet patterns. Patterns that are beautiful and stylish and sell in places other than Etsy. I want my designs to be a book and in magazines that people read. I'm also not sure about how to organize myself well enough to do this. Really.

I'm a bit stretched. Can I do it all? Can I figure out some sort of schedule that will allow for a little bit of everything? I'm going to have to figure out a way... it's what I want to do to be happy.

I'm starting off with applying to the "Form & Fantasy: A Contemporary Twist on Fiber Art at the Mystic Arts Center in Connecticut. I have a few sketches for 2 new pieces and then have some other dolls that I'll be adding into the application. The worst they can say is no, right

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  1. I hear you, Jess. I feel the same way. I'm pulled in so many directions with the stuff I want to do vs. the stuff I have to do.

  2. I'm sure all of this will become easier when the little people get a little bigger... I hope! Not enough hours in the day syndrome I guess. :)

  3. You might consider checking out if there is a SCORE mentor with experience who can help you answer some of these questions. The program offers free mentoring to small businesses.

  4. Good idea... our local chapter isn't too far away. Thanks!

  5. Well, to help you promote more, be sure to have at least a tweet button or share button on your posts. Not just on the front page of the blog (do that too) but on every post. As it is, if I want to share your blog post with my followers on twitter, I have to copy and paste your link above. (At least now I don't have to also shrink it with tiny.url or something.) Most people won't take time to do it. Anyway, it's a fast paced world, so make it easy for people to share and love on ya.

    Also, I don't see an RSS subscribe feed button. There's a subscribe with email place, but not a feed button for those who will only subscribe to a blog by use of their readers. I've paged up and down your side bar 5 times and haven't found one, so if there is one, it's not visible enough.

    I know that in Austin there are annual contests for fiber arts. You might see if there's guild or something in your area that holds these. I have also found the insight of "regular artists" to be invaluable in my own path.

    We're all learning. And this is truly a frontier of sorts and we're the pioneers.

  6. Holy cow! I didn't have them in the code anymore!!! Thank you so much for pointing that out. Good thing Blogger made it semi-easy to get them in. Added the feed too... I think. :)

    Finding my way in the fiber arts area... even just the arts is a new venture for me. This is funny because of all the years doing this. Learning processes are funny though... will keep at it.

    Love the insight. Thank you.

  7. Ah, there you go! :) I understand the frustration of figuring out in what order to put things in our side bars. After reading a lot of articles, I finally put my subscribe links up at the top even though it wasn't the first thing I thought about people seeing. But it's where everyone looks for them. What works for art is always a little different, but it's a tech world we're working in.

    You and I might be similar in that crochet is a modality for us. We use it as an artist would use paint to create. It's less about function and more about expression. Some of my best experiences have been projects that challenged me out of my comfort zone and pushed me to do something I was not as familiar with.


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