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Jul 15, 2011

Roll With It, Baby

Seems like this song (Roll With It, by Ani Difranco) has been running through my head for a while. I am making it my career, while the home fires are burning and the fact that I'm not an army wife parts have nothing to do with things in my day... it's still a good line to have running through your brain at times like these. I'm stuck in some projects, as it's just hard to pick up the hook and yarn some days. I'm a bit scattered with my thinking and just trying to get through to tomorrow.

jellyfish wip

This monster and jellyfish (both easy projects) have been staring a hole through me this week... both should have been finished

remember to love monster... wants another leg
I'm distracting myself with little things. Last night we took the kids to a fair... and it was nice. Well, it was a little stressful due to the 6 year age gap, some STUPID/TOXIC/UNNECESSARY extended family drama and the fact that we didn't get home until 11 p.m.... but still they both had fun. We were able to be happy as a family, and hopefully they'll remember those parts.

dr. destructo and kiddo at the fair
I wasn't going to blog today. Well... I was, but then... I received sad news today. My "Grandma in California" Grandma is super sick... like Leukemia then a stroke probably not going to get better ever sick. So I'm sad about that. But then I thought I should do the things I usually do, because Grandma wouldn't want me to be too sad and not do things that make me happy (Not 100% on the newsletter going out... but you never know. I'm tricky like that.). I'm going to call her tonight (if I can do it without crying) and see how she's making out.

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  1. I love your crochet! Or is that knitting? I am always impressed with folks who can do that. I am praying for your Grandma in California!

  2. Hee hee... this is crocheting. My knitting is still abysmal. Hoping to change that in the next few years with practice. :) Thanks for the prayers too.


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