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Aug 15, 2011

Hexagons and Body Bits

Yeah it's going to be a blanket. I started it because I needed something mind numbing and simple. This fit the bill and I need a nice wool throw anyway. The pattern is from Attic24 and I love that you can connect the hexagons as you go. I'll be keeping track of my progress through (public link) Ravelry.

There's also been some doll body progress. I'm painting their mouths and getting the eyeballs, hair and pouches together. The sewing machine is slowing down my process. It's my arch nemesis as of right now.

Also, if anyone has any funny stories or jokes that they want to share... it's been a rough week or so, and I could use a smile. :)

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  1. No good jokes here but sending warm smiles your way.

  2. I can never think of jokes when I try, but like crochet blogger, sending good wishes and hoping your week gets better

  3. Warm smiles and good wishes are just as nice as funny jokes. Thanks!


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