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Aug 10, 2011

Priorities, Priorities, Priorities

This is what happens when you're sad and have to pack... and have a slight "problem" with fiber. I guess I should bring some clothes and whatnot too.

I wanted to finish up the 3 dolls I had started last Saturday, but I'm too distracted apparently. They'll have to wait until I get back on Saturday. My head will hopefully be a little clearer and I'll be able to dedicate some real time to my girls.

In the meantime I'm off to North Carolina to do my grownup duties. Time to say goodbye.

Poop... In the meantime, I'll leave you all with this yummy image of the bacon pancakes I made the other day. They were good.

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  1. I never thought of putting bacon in the pancakes...interesting, must try.

    Now, I would have the fiber goodies in the "carry-on" bag of my travels for easy access. You then should have room for clothes ;-)

    Have a safe trip.

  2. You can never pack enough fiber. You don't know what could happen ... you might need MORE!

    Safe trip :)


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